Advertisements in cinemas as one of the most effective advertisement types.


Park Cinema is the biggest national chain of the modern and multiplex cinemas in Azerbaijan. Today our cinemas are located in the famous shopping and entertainment centers such as Park Bulvar, Metro Park, Zagulba Mall, Flame Towers. Besides, the only outdoor cinema in Azerbaijan located at the territory of beach club Amburan is also managed by Park Cinema. As well as, 3 cinemas have been opened in such regions as Masalli, Quba, and Mingachevir in 2018. Each of these cinemas has a number of opportunities for successful placement of your advertisement.


There are some indisputable advantages in the placement of an advertisement in our cinemas:

  • Precise targeting effect and high-quality contact.
  • In the atmosphere of entertainment, advertisement reception appears on an emotional level, and that means the increased memorability of a brand.
  • The selection of the cinema upon the needful criteria, as well as the precise selection of movie for the advertisement placement, can ideally coincide with the audience of the advertised product with the audience in the cinema hall.
  • The impact and spectacularity are completely incomparable with television. A bright and dynamic commercial on the big screen provokes an effect ten times as much than television broadcasting. The memorability of the commercial on the next day after watching the film is 50-60 percent and even more.
  • Cinemas are one of the best areas for marketing among the youth audience, with the most financially secured part of it.
  • There is an opportunity for complex advertisement: commercials before the movie starts, monitors in the lobby, posters, light boxes, 3D glasses, branding of the hall etc.

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