A gift card for the movie could be a perfect present to your family, friends, colleagues, classmates, group mates and business partners! It gives an opportunity to watch any movie at any time in «Park Cinema» movie network. The gift card holder can choose a movie, cinema hall and time of the movie.

You need to enter the appropriate section and fill out the required fields. Then after payment you will receive individual code on your mobile device. You will be able to load the sum onto your bonus card by showing this code at a ticket window of any cinema of our network.

Make Gift
General rules for gift card using
Gift card entitles you to purchase tickets at Park Cinema network in the amount indicated on the card
This amount can be used for one or multiple visits. The amount will be reduced as it will be used
If the purchase amount is more than the balance on the card, you can pay the difference at a ticket window
You can get information about the balance of the gift card at any ticket window
Card balance cannot be exchanged for money